Frequently Asked Questions

There are a multitude of business classes, books, and other training options available in the market. The Coaching C-MBA is the first to deliver high level training specific to coaches. The C-MBA brings together the key aspects to building and growing your business, but provides it in a format that is focused specifically on the business of coaching. It comes from the frame of reference of a wellness coach, but the components are applicable to coaches from all walks of life ranging from Endurance Coaches to Life Coaches.
We have made every effort to price the C-MBA at a level that is affordable for anyone serious about building their business without reducing the quality of the overall experience. The new entry level C-MBA option makes the program even more affordable (less than $75/month over 6 months)

However, for those who have completed (or are concurrently enrolled in) the CWC certification through the Catalyst Coaching Institute (, we do offer a small additional discount as a bonus.

It’s been said if you want something done, give it to a busy person. Building a business takes time and energy, so it is important to consider whether you are prepared to commit to pursuing the growth of your business at this point. While the on demand training programs won’t take a lot of time (they’re each 25-45 minutes in length), what you actually DO with the information will take a commitment of time.  These days, it seems we’re all “really busy” so this program is structured in a way that will allow you to work it around almost any schedule. The coursework is available on-demand so you can view it on the days and times desired. Also, you’ll have full access to all the tools/resources for 12 months, so there’s plenty of buffer if you get off track occasionally.

As they say, the best time to plant a tree was (at least) a year ago. The second best time is today. If you’re ready to plant, we’ll help you grow!

Not a problem. The C-MBA was created to address the needs and goals of coaches at all ends of the spectrum. If you’re ready to work hard, focus your efforts and follow-through on the opportunities, you’ll find the Coaching C-MBA provides the insights and support you need to build your business, regardless of whether your background includes business training and/or experience.

If you do have a business background, the C-MBA will help focus your efforts and get you on the path to putting the key information into practice!

Congratulations – it’s always good to have a running start to any pursuit. If your coaching business is operating on all cylinders and you’ve been able to successfully grow it into the profitable business you desire, then you don’t need the Coaching C-MBA. However, if you see room for growth, as well as operational and financial improvement, it’s likely this is just the place for you to achieve those goals. We’re always happy to discuss your specific situation if you’d like. Contact us at at your convenience.
Good question.  Since all the information, tools and resources are immediately available, there are no refunds once registration has been submitted. However, we do provide you with a full 12 months to access the program. So, if you do hit a roadbloack that is hindering your focus on the program, you’ll still have more than adequate time to work your way through everything.